What is LAB8?


Lead paragraph

LAB8 is a service experience laboratory operating at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. We design experiences and services, offer training on the secrets of service business and conduct research.

We rely on the significance of experiences

Making services more experiential gives added value to consumers and creates significance. An experience can be something very personal, but we provide the best setting and chance to succeed.


The way to change can be as easy as playing with Lego blocks!

We aim to offer experiential and functional solutions for business development.

We bring together companies, Haaga-Helia specialists and students

  • Companies
    Unique design and training
    We provide companies and our partners with service design, training, research data and event services. We help companies solve problems and involve everyone in planning the service experience.  

  • Higher education teachers
    Tools and case companies to support teaching
    Developing education is our task, and our high-quality services are produced as part of the teaching. To teachers, we offer interesting case companies, ready-made tools for teaching and the opportunity for personal development as a specialist.

  • Students
    Customer company projects
    We provide our services as part of Haaga-Helia’s teaching. For students, LAB8 offers the opportunity to learn new things through research and cooperation with companies.


Several successful service concepts

All our operations are characterised by a culture of bold experimentation and customer orientation. Together with companies, we have created service success stories and unforgettable experiences. Among other things, our earlier work includes memorable event productions, augmented reality applications and multisensory experiential spaces.

LAB8 consists of eight different sub-areas


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LAB8 - Service Experience Laboratory
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Haaga campus
Pajuniityntie 11
00320 Helsinki


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