Haaga-Helia's strategy and values

Lead paragraph

Haaga-Helia's mission is to open doors to future careers. We aim for the qualitative employment of our students, and we want to keep all doors open to working life. We are an international and courageous reformer of working life.



Our profile consists of four important elements: service business, sales, entrepreneurship and higher education pedagogy.

We have three sub-strategies. Our operations are based on innovative solutions for continuous learning and guidance. This is supported by applied research that creates new competence as well as by effective national and international cooperation networks. We integrate research into teaching and want to be established as a university with strong networks in Finland and abroad.

Our success is fuelled by the enthusiasm and well-being of our students and staff. They are at the heart of everything.

We have five important values

Courage refers to our strong culture of experimentation.

Accountability is manifested in, for example, our climate commitment and investment policies.

Collaboration states that working together we become more than just single players - a team always beats an individual.

Transparency challenges us to share our skills and knowledge.

Respect shows as appreciation of others and humility with regards to our own actions.