Open and responsible RDI at Haaga-Helia

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Haaga-Helia’s operations are guided by five values: accountability, collaboration, courage, respect and transparency. These values are strongly present in the research, development and innovation (RDI) work that we carry out at Haaga-Helia. In our RDI activities, we observe responsible conduct and ethical principles of research. In addition, we promote open science and research in accordance with both national and international principles and requirements. Haaga-Helia is committed to the national Declaration for Open Science and Research 2020–2025 and any policies in line with it. Through this commitment, we promote openness in four areas: open operating culture, open access publishing, open data and open education. Our goal is to enable wide-ranging visibility and social impact of our operations, which we aim for with the help of open operating models.

In addition to our values, transparency and accountability are central to our organisation's strategy as well. Transparency and accountability are especially realised as effective cooperation, open information flow and structures, responsible and ethical methods of operation, and an operating culture that promotes accountability and transparency. In addition to effectiveness, with transparency, we can increase the efficiency of our operations and enhance the social benefit achieved with public funding.

The starting point of transparency is that we open research infrastructures and environments, research data, methods, output and learning materials, and publish openly whenever possible. Openness of research may be restricted for a justified reason, such as protection of personal data or commercialisation.

Development and guidance of open and responsible RDI activities

Open RDI activities at Haaga-Helia are managed by the Open Science and Research Coordination Group, headed by the Research and Information Services Director. The group includes representatives from Research Services, Library and Information Services, IT Services, Education, HR, and Learning, Research and Innovation Environments. In addition, Haaga-Helia's lawyer and data protection officer participate in the group's activities. The task of the group is to ensure the implementation of national and international guidelines and recommendations for open science and research at Haaga-Helia.

In order to promote open and responsible RDI activities at Haaga-Helia, we have created Research Data Policy (pdf) that guides Haaga-Helia's internal activities, as well as recommendations and guidelines for RDI activities to support it. Policies, recommendations and guidelines for open and responsible RDI have been collected on the website of Haaga-Helia's Open RDI activities. The website includes information on, for example, the importance of open RDI activities, recommendations for data management, principles of open publishing, and guidelines related to open teaching and the use of images. The website is constantly updated based on the national policies and recommendations of open science and research, as well as internal solutions and guidelines.

The personnel's knowledge and awareness of open and responsible RDI are strengthened and increased in many different ways. The theme is an essential part of everything we do. In addition, we organise information sessions, trainings, develop internal guidelines, and create services that help our personnel to work in accordance with the guidelines of open science and research. We also actively participate in the national cooperation of open science and research and promote open and responsible operating models internationally, for example when developing the Ulysseus European University.

Principles of open access publishing

We encourage open access publishing at Haaga-Helia. In accordance with the principle of open access publishing, our personnel publishes the results of RDI activities in open channels whenever it does not conflict with the conditions of the funder, partners or publisher. We offer support and training for the selection of open access publishing channels, copyrights and licenses. We also support open access publishing financially and monitor the total costs of open access publishing.

Articles published by Haagahelians in scientific journals, serials, conference publications or other compilations are self-archived to the Theseus repository archives.