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Haaga-Helia’s Master's studies offer a flexible and individualised path to a Master’s degree. The studies support the development of the students' expertise and advance their careers. To be eligible to apply, an applicant must have an appropriate Bachelor’s or a higher degree and at least two years of subsequent work experience in a relevant field after completing the Bachelor’s degree.

The scope of the Master’s studies is 90 ECTS and it takes 1.5 to 3 years to complete the degree. A Master’s degree from a university of applied sciences delivers the same qualifications to a public office as a university Master’s degree.

The studies include compulsory studies, specialisation studies including thesis and free-choice studies. At the beginning of the studies, students make their Individual Study Plan based on their own development needs and future plans. Compulsory studies focus on research and development skills as well as competencies needed in developing organisations and leading change. Specialisation studies deepen the students’ professional competencies and students can choose their specialisation from three to eight options, depending on the chosen degree programme. The specialisation studies together with the thesis account for the majority of the Master's studies.

The Master's degree programmes in English are in application in autumn.

Follow your passion and create your future through Master’s studies at Haaga-Helia.

The Master's degree programmes conducted in English

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Degree Programme in Business Technologies, Master of Business Administration
Master's Studies | 90 ECTS
Degree Programme in Leading Business Transformation, Master of Business Administration
Master's Studies | 90 ECTS
Degree Programme in Strategising in Organisations, Master of Business Administration
Master's Studies | 90 ECTS | Virtual Studies
Degree Programme in Sustainable Aviation Business, Master of Business Administration
Master's Degree | Virtual Studies
Degree Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Business, Master of Hospitality Management
Master's Studies | 90 ECTS

The Master's specialisations conducted in English

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More about Master's studies at Haaga-Helia

Read more information about the practicalities of Master's studies, application and study possibilities offered by Open University of Applied Sciences.

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