”My current position is exactly what I was looking for. I doubt I would have applied for this job had I not taken up the Leading Business Transformation studies at Haaga-Helia” – A brave attitude and choices to prove it have led the way for Tuuva Harjanne

Most of us have been there – you feel like you need to change something career-wise but can’t really put your finger on what that something could be. At this point, doing some studies can work as a true eye opener.

Tuuva Harjanne
Student testimonial

While enjoying her parental leave a couple of years ago, Tuuva Harjanne suddenly had the opportunity to reflect back on her career. Also, it was time to think about what was it that she really wanted to do and achieve from now on. She made a radical decision to quit her job and start studying again.

- Not that I didn’t like my job – vice versa! I just had that now-or-never kind of feeling, says Harjanne.

For 15 years Tuuva Harjanne had worked various marketing positions within the commercial media. She enjoyed the assignments as well as being a part of a lively work community. But as the years rolled by, she felt she needed to improve her business know how. Surely she could have played it safe – take some study leave and then return to her existing job?

- Well, what I needed was a fresh start. The work environment was very hectic and absorbing but in a familiar way so, had I stayed, within 5 years I would have found myself back in square one, pondering if anything really changed.   

After comparing her options and hearing other peoples’ experiences, Tuuva Harjanne chose to apply into Haaga-Helia. She got in and started her master-studies in August 2019. While efficiently completing her courses, she started to scan new work opportunities as well. Along came spring 2020 – and a virus known as Covid19.

Happy end

- It was absurd. Almost every position I applied for, had at least 100-200 other applicants as well, Harjanne tells us.

- I didn’t panic, though, since it was my priority to complete my studies at that point. Actually, I then just ended up doing some extra courses during last spring and summer.

It was close to Christmas and Harjanne was writing her Thesis when she got lucky and was recruited. Consequently, since January 2021 she has worked within the subscription business. Fortunately, she could start part-time while finishing her Thesis.

Harjanne considers her new position as a Commercial Leader very rewarding, offering just the kind of fresh challenges she was seeking for. Many of the skills and methods she acquired during the Strategic Thinking and Management courses have been put to work in “the real world”.

- My existing knowledge and experience was reinforced by the Haaga-Helia -studies, Harjanne says.

- And because I could pick the courses that suited my personal goals the best, I feel extremely confident and motivated at my current job.