Engaging vocational pedagogy


Lead paragraph

Engaging vocational pedagogy is one of four central areas of work based applied research at Haaga-Helia. The science of vocational pedagogy is included.

Societal change develops our understanding of work, knowledge and learning. Our mission is to be an assembling actor and enhancer of knowledge in pedagogical research, development and innovation.

We promote research, development and innovation activities by recognizing current and future pedagogical development targets and needs. We participate in project calls with a working life orientation nationally and internationally. Engaging vocational pedagogy integrates research, development and innovation with learning, society and working life as well as with openness, ethics, sustainability and responsibility.

Research and development focus

Our research work is executed by a core group of experts in collaboration with working life, networks, stakeholders and by open webinars.  Our focus is on the following themes:

  • Continuous learning and university pedagogy
  • Competencies and evaluation of competence
  • Well being and work life skills
  • Digital guidance and learning environments
  • Immersion in space and pedagogy
  • Interface of technology, education and working life
  • Special learners learning a vocation
  • Vocational education in 2020s
  • Sustainability, responsibility and safety in education and learning
  • International vocational pedagogy
Research Area Lead
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