Co-funded by the European Union

VaKe – National development project of Master's degrees

The goal of this project is to develop Master's education to advance opportunities for further education and career development with the principles of continuous learning.

In addition, the goal is

  • to promote the construction of online degrees that are independent of time and place, and can be completed flexibly,
  • to develop continuous learning training that combines R&D activities and the development of working life, and
  • to develop pedagogy that integrates work and learning and creates the conditions for continuous learning.

The project is implemented as a coordinated group project. The target groups of the project are the teachers and experts of Master's education. The developmental activities include organising peer-learning processes of best practices, fasilitating developmental processes at individual UAS, coordinating national development of pedagogy and RDI activities in Master's programmes and studying continuous learning opportunities in cross-learning groups. 

Master's education in Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) offers continuing education to experts at work. Master’s degree strengthens their position on the labor market and, according to research, is also an economically viable degree.

VaKe – National development project of Master's degrees

Project manager at Haaga-Helia: Hannu Kotila

Project team at Haaga-Helia: Kimmo Mäki, Sakariina Heikkanen, Sanna Heiniö, Pirjo Aura

Partners: HAMK University of Applied Sciences

Duration: 2024–2026

Funding: ESF+

Principal lecturer
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