Sales development and digitalization

Kuvituskuva Opiskelijat SalesLabissa

Lead paragraph

At Haaga-Helia we mix technology and creativity to add value to customers. Our experts create sales know-how that makes a difference.

We help businesses to prosper and  we renew our sales education. We are forerunners in customer interaction, and in digitalization in sales and sales management. We remove barriers between IT experts and creative content producers, improve the creative competencies of individuals and organizations, and boost multidisciplinary cooperation across cultures.

The focus areas are:

  • Buyer-seller relationships (interaction, psychology and emotions, customer expectations and experience)
  • Excellence in sales development (purchase journeys, culture and attitude, personalization and related data management & AI)
  • Mastering digital transformation in sales (managing and implementing digital transformation, multi-channel environments, future technologies)
  • Exploring emerging technologies (evaluation, socio-economic impact)
  • Defining new digital skills (competence levels, feasibility)
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