Tailored training and coaching programs


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We offer tailored training and coaching programs and a range of development projects to suit the individual needs of businesses and workplace organizations.

We support companies and communities in the metropolitan area in reforming operations and competence.

We are a versatile partner for experts and supervisors who want to expand their professional skills and find new perspectives on their careers. We also offer extensive training for employees through our open paid classes. We have also organized customized training all over Finland.

Our main areas of expertise are hospitality management; sales, marketing and customer service; communication and interpersonal skills; leadership and management; accounting and finance; ICT and business; entrepreneurship, and executive training.

Explore our training and coaching programs and ask for a quote!

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Service Design: How to Design Service Concepts
Online course | 550 € | haagaheliaonline.fi
Service Design – From Discover to Deliver and Beyond
3.2.2023-6.5.2023 l 1750eur l Hybrid
Hospitality Brand Design
Effective Leadership in Modern Hospitality
Value Creation in Hospitality
Travel and Tourism Business
Essentials of Hospitality and Tourism
Artificial Intelligence in Modern Business
Social Selling
Hospitality Law
Video Marketing for Hospitality Business
Service design ambassador
Extensive service design training for companies
Service design for senior management
Culinary Management