Service Design: How to Design Service Concepts


Join this course if you wish to learn how to design service concepts, processes, and systems in a manner that enables the value-in-use.

The course examines how design can transform the experience and value of services, making them compelling to users, as well as attractive and profitable for the organizations that deliver them. It educates students in customer-centric design thinking and in the very latest techniques and tools of Service Design. Students learn how to design service processes in order to create servicescapes that enhance the overall guest experience. The participants are expected to watch all the video content of the course instructors under each module, read the coursebook and then take the quiz. The quiz can be taken 3 times and we recommend that participants watch the videos and read the course book until they feel they master the topic.

Course objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be familiar with:

  • the Design Thinking methodology and key concepts and models of Service Design and customer-centric product development
  • the key practical tools of Service Design

This course is feature of Haaga-Helia Online

Haaga-Helia Online offers extensive and in-depth study modules, which include various digital learning materials, assignments, tests and supporting materials. The participants will receive a certificate for every course they complete.

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Course information

Course materials: 27 videos, over 3,5 h of video material, coursebook: Practical Access to Service Design, 1 quiz. Estimated total study time 135 h

Targeted to: Everyone interested in developing their essential skills and techniques in service design. The course does not require prior knowledge of service design thinking.

Course price: 550 €

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