Artificial Intelligence in Modern Business

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Learn and analyze different ways AI can be applied in business!

You have probably stumbled into the term ‘artificial intelligence’ and heard some troubling discussion about how robots might be taking all of our jobs in the near term future.  The amount of human work is hardly going anywhere, but the skills and knowledge needed in the majority of jobs will drastically change.

AI technology—and its applications in business—is in many ways one of the most important innovations of our time. That’s why it’s crucial to be aware of all the opportunities and challenges AI will generate in the modern business world—even if you’re not starting your own AI project yet.

Applications of AI are surprisingly common:

  • Your company can automate a lot of boring and repetitive tasks with AI and robotic process automation and can target the workload of your workers to more productive tasks.
  • Your company’s efficiency increases and you will get more done with less effort when routine tasks are completed by AI.
  • Your company’s management team is able to make better decisions because you are getting information faster and more accurately for decision-making.
  • You can stand out from your competitors with new and better products because you will get more information from customers and product users for developing your services.
  • Customers will stay happy because you are able to offer them more personalized service in multiple points in the buying process.
  • You will be able to acquire more customers, for example with the use of lead generation chatbots.
  • If the benefits above would help your business, you will like this new AI basic online training course.

In this course you will:

  • Understand what AI is and how it can change your business
  • Learn the main concepts and see a lot of examples of applying AI in business
  • Learn how to incorporate AI applications in your company’s strategy
  • Understand what new information and skills your company needs in the future
  • Learn the basics of chatbots and how you can create a basic chatbot for your company
  • Get a basic understanding of robotic process automation and its most common applications
  • As a main point as the course progresses you will create a plan to utilize AI in your business
  • You will also learn from some special interviews where known AI experts tell how AI can be applied to businesses.

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Course Instructor 

Lasse Rouhiainen, International Keynote Speaker on Artificial Intelligence | Board Member @ Roybi and 1MillionBot

Course Information

Course material: over 3h of video content, 3 h of international expert interviews, additional reading, quizzes

Targeted to: Horeca and Service business entrepreneurs and experts and for people in management/supervisory positions in today’s service business

Course price: 450 €

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