Hospitality Brand Design


Branding for hospitality has become increasingly important to remain competitive. Brands with clarity of vision and unique experiences will continue to outperform those without them.

Course objectives

  • what hospitality branding is today?
  • lessons learned from actual hotel and restaurant case studies.
  • how brand creation differs from one-off and prototype brands.
  • how to conduct research, move through the creative process and document your brand.

After completing the course, the participant:

  • is familiar with the concept of branding
  • understands the importance of differentiation via brand design
  • is able to use the current tools of branding
  • is able to evaluate brand work and its role in the success of any service company


After completing the course, the participant:

  • Understands branding and how it contributes to the success of every business
  • Understands how branding is done and who makes it happen
  • Uses major branding tools with ease

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Course info

Course mode: Self-study

Course Instructor: Ron Swidler, Chief Innovation Officer, The Gettys Group Companies, Chicago, Illinois

Course material: over 3,5h of video, 8 assignments, 7 quizzes, Hospitality Brand Design Handbook, additional reading, estimated total study time 135 hours

Price: 911 € (incl. VAT 24%)

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