Planning your studies and making enrolments for implementations

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From this site you will find different tools used for planning your studies and making enrolments for implementations. For example, the study guide and Lukkarikone –timetable tool might help you to plan your studies. Personal study plan (PSP) and enrolments for implementations are made in Peppi.

Planning your studies and enrolment for implementations

Study guide

The Study guide is a tool for drawing up a personal study plan (PSP). In the Study guide, you can see the full curriculum for your degree programme.  

Through the curriculum, you can easily find the content of your studies, for example the course units and the options for your major in your degree.

In the Study guide, you can also view other studies offered by Haaga-Helia, such as different study modules or summer studies.

Check the curricula in Haaga-Helia´s study guide.

Making Personal study plan (PSP)

The PSP is prepared for the entire study period, but it can be modified throughout the studies. You can use the study guide and Lukkarikone –timetable tool to plan your studies.

Add the required courses to your PSP on the Selecting studies tab and schedule your studies on the Scheduling tab. Send your PSP to your guidance counsellor for approval by the given deadline once you have added all the courses and scheduled them. Check deadlines from student´s desktop in Peppi. You can find detailed instructions for making your personal study plan (PSP) in Peppi:  

Personal study plan (PSP), studies started before August 2022 (Bachelor)

Personal study plan (PSP), studies started in August 2022 and after (Bachelor)

Personal study plan (PSP), Master´s students

Lukkarikone -timetable tool

In Lukkarikone, you can view the study offering and see the implementations’ schedules. While logged in, you can also view, create and edit your own timetables. When you log in to Lukkarikone for the first time, an automatic schedule is created, where you can see the lessons of all the implementations that you have enrolled for in Peppi and on which you have been accepted. You can also build your own timetables and thus plan your studies for the next semester, for example. You can search for implementations using an implementation’s name or ID, a group ID or implementation type as the search criteria.


Lukkarikone instructions

Implementation enrolment

You can enrol for implementations during enrolment times (check Key dates in the academic year) by  choosing the Enrolments tab in your PSP. The enrolments made during the first round of admission are accepted in order specified by the degree regulations. After the first round of admission you can supplement your enrolments. You can find detailed instructions for enrolments in Peppi:

Implementation enrolment

Career planning