Enrolment for Attendance or Non-Attendance

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Degree students have to enrol for attendance/non-attendance each academic year. The enrolment is done every spring semester for one academic year at a time.
Please notice that if a student neglects to enrol for attendance/non-attendance, the student will lose the right to study.


The enrolment times can be found on the Haaga-Helia Academic Year information page.

Please make the enrolment in Peppi.

It's possible to make the enrolment differently for autumn and spring semester, e.g. to enrol as absent for autumn and enrol as present for spring semester. 

According to the Universities of Applied Sciences Act, all degree students are required to make the enrolment each academic year.


Please notice:

  • that students who do their work placement or study exchange abroad or are only finalising their thesis or graduating must also enrol for attendance.
  • that students cannot enrol for attendance/non-attendance for a shorter period than one semester.
  • that if you enrol for non-attendance for the following reasons: military service according to the Conscription Act (1438/2007), Non-Military Service Act (1446/2007), or Women's Voluntary Military Service Act (194/1995) in Finland or the student needs time off their studies to take care of a child in regard to the child’s birth or adoption, please contact Study Services to change your absence code so that you do not spend your absence semesters.
  • that students who have started their studies in January enrol for attendance or non-attendance for the next academic year in Peppi. The enrolment is done every spring semester. Please check the enrolment times from the Academic Year information page.
  • that you should update your address information and possible other email address in Peppi. If your place of domicile or your name changes, please contact Study Services.
  • that higher education students must pay the healthcare fee to Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland). Further information. Please note that Kela will not send you an invoice, so you must pay the fee on your own initiative via Kela's e-service every semester. If the student is unable to use the e-service, instructions for the payment can be found on Kela.fi webpage.
  • that if a student neglects to enrol for attendance/non-attendance, the student will lose the right to study. A student who has lost the study entitlement due to failure to register as attending or non-attending may apply to the degree director to have the study entitlement regranted. According to legislation (1440/2014), a 50 euro handling fee will be applicable. The application will not be processed if the application fee has not been paid.

An absent student

  • cannot study at Haaga-Helia. The student can only take re-exams from the last attending semester.
  • cannot attend work placement,
  • cannot get thesis guidance,
  • cannot get any student social benefits.

An absent student will retain the right to Haaga-Helia IT services (domain user name, email, etc.).

Please contact Study Services if you have any questions regarding this.

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