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Degree students whose right to study has ended: on this page you will find instructions on how to apply for regranting of study entitlement.

Student in the School of Vocational Teacher Education, please check instructions below:

Instructions for students in the School of Vocational Teacher Education >>

Please do not fill in the application for regranting of study entitlement in the following situations:

  • The study right is still valid but about to expire: apply for an extension of study time.
  • Student who has resigned of their own accord should apply through the student selection, in the joint application, or through the open path. Resigned student in teacher education should apply through the application process to vocational teacher education institutions.

Forfeiture of the right to study

Students who have not enrolled and registered in the manner specified in section 29, or who fail to complete their studies within the time period specified in section 30 or within the extended period of time specified in section 30a, as well as students who have not been granted an extension to their studies, forfeit their right to study. Should the student later wish to start or resume their studies, they must reapply to the university of applied sciences for admission. The application can be made without participation in the student admissions procedure referred to in section 28. (Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014, section 32 (Amendment 325/2015).)

Important instructions for filling in the application

According to the legislation (1440/2014), a 50 euro handling fee is applicable. NB your application will not be dealt with if you haven't paid the handling fee. If you haven't informed a clear plan on how and when to finish your studies on the application, it is as a rule a reason to reject the application. Please contact your guidance counsellor if you need help with making your study plan. The handling fee is non-refundable.

The student needs to have a clear plan on how and when to finish their studies before filling in the application. Before you fill in the application, please authenticate with online banking codes or mobile certificate through the e-identification service. After the authentication, you can continue to the application.

The handling fee will be paid right after you have filled in the application. In case you do not have online banking codes, please contact Study Services. NB The system logs off automatically after a set period of inactivity so please pay the handling fee after you have filled in the application. NB After the payment, please wait 3 seconds and return to the E-form. It happens automatically within 3 seconds, so don't close the browser or click the 'Back' button during that time. If you don't return to the E-form, the payment is incomplete.

You will receive an automatic e-mail after you have completed the application. After submitting the application there is a possibility to give feedback on the E-form.



In the spring semester, the application form must be submitted on 17 May at the latest. NB! The application will close after this and open again on the first business day of the autumn semester (1.8.–31.12.). 

In the autumn semester, the application form must be submitted on 3 November at the latest. NB! The application will close after this and open again on the first business day of the spring semester (1.1.–31.7.).

The applications are processed in four weeks, taking public holidays into account. The four week handling time starts when Study Services have received the application.

NB! If you are obliged to pay the tuition fee, please attach a document to your application that shows us you are exempted from paying tuition fees or attach a receipt of the payment to the application.

NB! A student, who has been accepted to Haaga-Helia and has confirmed the study place, but has lost the study right because of a missing enrollment as present or absent student for the academic year, can leave the following parts empty: student number, how have your study conditions changed from before, what is your study plan to complete the studies.


Application for regranting of study entitlement >> 

For further information or if you have problems with the form, please contact Study Services.

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