Changing the enrolment for Non- /Attendance based on a well-grounded reason


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A degree student may, based on a well-grounded cogent reason, apply for a change in the enrolment for attendance or non-attendance also in the beginning of a semester during a period informed separately.

The Head of Study Affairs makes the final decision on changing the attendance status in the beginning of a semester based on a well-grounded cogent reason.

Please do not fill in the application unnecessarily, as you may change your attendance or non-attendance enrolment for the spring semester by yourself in November / December during the period mentioned on the Haaga-Helia Academic Year information page. However, please pay attention to the exceptions related to first-year students below.

Application for a change based on a well-grounded reason

There has to be a cogent reason, e.g. an unforeseen event related to studies, a difficult personal situation in life or illness, which must be proved by a certificate (e.g. given by authorities or by a medical certificate).

Changing the enrolment for attendance or non-attendance is not accepted as automated, instead it is always exceptional. The following are not cogent reasons: work, short illness or a neglected enrolment for attendance/non-attendance or another study place.


The application for spring term is open 2 January until 31 January and for autumn term it is open 1 August until 30 September.

Please fill in the application using the Haaga-Helia domain username and password.

Changing the Enrolment for Attendance or Non-Attendance during the Academic Year

NB a student cannot enrol for non-attendance for a shorter period than one semester. If the student has already completed credits during the semester in question, the attendance cannot be changed to non-attendance. In addition, the change to non-attendance cannot be done at the end of the semester.

It is the student's responsibility to keep Kela informed on any changes in studies.

If you have any questions or problems with the form, please contact the Study Services.

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