Teemu Moilanen

Teemu Moilanen

principal lecturer
+358 294471515

Academic degree: Ph.D. (Economics and Business Administration)

Dr. Teemu Moilanen is a service designer and a city branding specialist. He is an experienced Service Designer and has been accredited as a Service Design Master by Service Design Network (SDN), the world's largest community of Service Designers. He has participated in different roles to 90+ service design projects, ranging from airlines to shopping malls and from hotels to healthcare. He has over 20 years of experience in management consulting and has prepared a PhD thesis on the topic of place brand management competencies. Moilanen has performed several international place brand research and development projects in national, city and tourism resort levels.

The latest of his books have been reviewed by the legendary marketing scholar Philip Kotler as “Dr Teemu Moilanen and Dr Seppo Rainisto produced this new book which in my mind will be one of the most valuable documents in the place marketing literature... No nation, city or place should undertake the challenging task of marketing itself without first reading this book.” - Prof Phillip Kotler.

Dr Moilanen is the head of LAB8 Service Experience Laboratory. His interest areas are Service Design, Service Brand management, and Service Innovation systems.