Leading Sales and Customer Experience, Master's Specialisation

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Leading Sales and Customer Experience focuses on customer experience, its management and digitalisation through research and development. This specialisation also examines the digitalisation and strategic management of sales in a multi-channel environment.

Students study and develop strategic sales solutions and their impact on customer experience and companies’ business objectives. The specialisation is entirely organised around digital sales and customer experience and it explores motives that can develop and improve these areas continuously. In addition, Sales Lab and eComLab, Haaga-Helia’s lab environments that use world-class sales and purchase analytics, provide a unique learning dimension and environment.  

The themes of this specialisation include:

  • management of sales and sales organisations
  • strategic sales planning in a digital business environment
  • development and management of customer experience in the digital age
  • customer journey and customer experience analysis
  • development of sales in an increasingly international multi-channel environment

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Specialisation is available in the following programmes:

More Information about the Specialisation and Master's Studies

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Person Responsible for the Specialisation

The Master’s specialisations are lead by a professional with a PhD. Their responsibilities include specialisation courses, thesis topics and promotion of networking within the specialisation.

Master's Specialisation

Specialisation is at the heart of Master's degree studies. Master's degree studies consist mostly of specialisation studies and a thesis is based on the specialisation studies. A student’s specialisation also builds the home base for their professional development and networking.

Students choose their specialisation out of the available options at the start of their programme.

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