Master studies gave new tools for business development – “Entrepreneurial mindset is beneficial for both the individual and the business”

Reetta Björn specialises in Entrepreneurship and Business Design in her studies. The studies provide competences and tools for starting a business and also for adopting an entrepreneurial mindset – an important competence for all in today’s workplace.

Student testimonial

- I used to work as a nurse. After working for a few years in healthcare, I applied to study health economics to the University of Kuopio (nowadays the University of Eastern Finland), and I obtained a Master’s degree in health sciences. This is how I ended up working in the pharmaceutical industry, describes Björn, who is now working as a project manager for a German pharmaceutical company named Boehringer Ingelheim.

After working for a while in the pharmaceutical industry, Björn recognised that, in addition to professional skills, she needed to develop her competences in business as well. Then she started seeking for information about further education options and later found her place in Haaga-Helia’s English Master's degree programme called Leading Business Transformation.

Knowledge that you can apply directly at work

In her studies, Björn specialises in Entrepreneurship and Business Design. Even though she is not planning to open her own business, she believes that entrepreneurial mindset is very beneficial for all.

- The education prepares students to much more than designing and operating a business. Obviously, the studies give us tools for that as well, but I like to consider the studies in a larger context and they provide skills that can be utilised in any kind of job, describes Björn.

The studies have provided Björn with new insight and knowledge. She tells that the best thing about her studies were the skills that she acquired in theoretical courses and that she was able to apply directly in practice at her own workplace.

- The teaching has been really flexible, and we have been encouraged to apply and utilise the assignments at our own workplaces in real-life situations and in solving challenges that we encounter in our daily tasks. This has made the studies very motivating, Björn explains.

She also mentions that she has learned a lot from the discussions with her peers.

- It has been extremely fascinating to discuss the topics with people from various fields and with different backgrounds. I have learned a lot, specially because I did not have previous experience in business sector.

Models for utilising intrapreneurship in global business

In her thesis, Björn studies internal entrepreneurship, in other words intrapreneurship. Her goal is to find ways to develop and strengthen intrapreneurship in global business.

- Intrapreneurship has become a universal competence that is valued in individuals. Increasing startup mentality and culture of experimentation in certain sectors and on a reasonable scale is thought to bring added value for a business. However, this requires a model for intrapreneurship in the business, and my thesis supports the introduction of such model, Björn says.

Writing the thesis and studying the implementation of these models have provided Björn with new tools that will be useful also in the future.

- I feel that the studies have not benefitted only myself as I have been able to bring something new also to my workplace. I apply action research method in my thesis, which means that first, we identify the desired change in operations and then, decide the actions that help us to reach the change. Next step is to carry out the chosen actions, estimate their impact and decide how to proceed afterwards, Björn explains.

- This research method is very suitable for today’s workplace and it has been really interesting to study the method in more detail. Action research is a very inclusive approach when studying the implementation of new practices and it enables the continuous growth of an organisation, she continues.

New competences and international viewpoints for career

- I think that my theoretical thinking and knowledge, as well as my competences, have expanded significantly. The studies have given me tools to concretise my thoughts and skills on how to navigate with new, developing operational models that do not have a clear roadmap yet and how to refine those in a way that they can be utilised in organisations, describes Björn.

She recommends everyone to apply for Master studies with an open mind.

- If you feel even a tiny bit that the studies might sound interesting, I recommend you to apply! To my own experience, the studies are actually even more interesting once you get started. Certainly, when you are working while studying, you need to arrange your time wisely and it requires some self-management skills. I feel that the topics in the studies are so interesting that you easily prioritise time for them, says Björn.

- I recommend completing studies in English because that allows you to network with international people and in this way, expand your views about the business sector and find new viewpoints to your own work while developing your language skills, she adds.