The Box – Experiences with video, props, soundscape and scents

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The Box lets you immerse yourself in another reality: you get to experience a spontaneous dinner in Venice or step inside the Santa Claus Office without any physical travel. The Box makes use of 3D video, diverse soundscapes, props and scent marketing technology.

The Box inspires, entertains and creates memories

The Box concept has been used for the Metsä Pavilion constructed in Tokyo for the Olympic Games, the World Winter Sports Expo in Beijing and the Finnish Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo 2020. It was also awarded as Pro2018 – Innovation of the Year.


What can The Box be used for?

  • Events
    The Box will invigorate your events. The opportunities are limitless. We can construct a permanent or pop-up space tailored to your needs.

  • Multisensory visualisation of spaces
    Surprise your customers by revamping your premises in a nimble manner using virtual means. An illustrative tool for interior design and technical visualisation.

  • Marketing
    Share your company story by combining a visual experience with all senses. The Box has been creatively used for marketing travel destinations and services.



  • Augmented reality
    Taking the best aspects of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), we create completely new kinds of mixed reality environments (MRE).

  • Sensory marketing
    We utilise 3D video, diverse soundscapes, props and scent marketing technology.

  • Service Design
    The Box helps us visualise the service environment and effortlessly try out how it works.​


LAB8 The Box: services

Create new experiences

“The idea of making mixed reality a part of the service business is fascinating. For example, people who could never fly a hang glider or travel to the Alps due to an injury or disability can now get a real hang-gliding experience in the Alps.”
- Pasi Tuominen

Senior Lecturer
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