The Box was rewarded as the best innovation of the industry

The Box convinced the PRO-gala 2018 jury with its XR, multisensory concept that charms the users with its highly immersive and adaptable environments. 

Immersive dinner experience by The Box at Hotel Kämp
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The Box utilises projection mapping, scents and soundscapes for creating high-level experiences that can be adjusted and set into a variety of spaces. The concept enables innovative, new ways e.g. for cost-effective product development processes, usability testing and marketing. It can make service design processes from ideation to prototyping more efficient and fun, with the simple power of visualisation and sense stimulation. The multisensory environments add a creative touch to marketing campaigns from short pop-ups to longer exhibitions while letting the guests engage on a deeper level.

Dinner setting by Havu Catering and The Box

The annual PRO-gala rewards the best operators in the Finnish restaurant scene in one of the main industry events of the year. On January 2018, they acknowledged the best innovation of the industry for the first time as a new category. Besides exceptional concept, showcasing expertise and responsibility, one of the main criteria was how significant was the impact on developing the industry forwards. 

The Box was praised for its potential to improve memorable restaurant experiences that can increase customer demand. This positive effect would not only boost the individual operators and the industry but the indirect impacts could be seen also in the local economy. 

By utilising the latest research and bringing together the industry experts with specialists and students of Haaga-Helia uas, the Box has the ability to greatly enhance the service industry and product development, and to answer to the needs of rapidly changing global markets. The possibilities of utilising the concept across industries and projects are infinite, and only limited by one’s imagination. 

The Box is a part of LAB8 – Service Experience Laboratory by Haaga-Helia uas. LAB8 combines creativity, trends and service design by bringing together industry experts with Haaga-Helia specialists and students. LAB8 delivers experiential and functional solutions for improving business processes innovatively and agilely.

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