Dubai Expo 2020

Educational needs of the future are being presented using holographic technology in the Dubai World Expo, which has been postponed to October 2021. Pasi Tuominen, developer of The Box technology by LAB8, has been designing the National Pavilion of Finland from the beginning with Business Finland Expo Team.

Lab8 The Box Dubai
Corporate collaboration

Challenge: Visualizing education data that has been analysed by AI for the World Expo.  

Haaga-Helia is presenting its education opportunities as an Official Key Partner of the Dubai Expo. A team lead by vice principal Jouni Ahonen chose five of Haaga-Helia's curriculums as their research subject. The goal was to determine how well the chosen curriculums correspond with future educational needs and the needs of the labour market.  

Artificial intelligence (AI) developed by Finnish HeadAI has been analysing the contents of the curriculums and comparing that to job advertisements in multiple major cities. The result is an analysis of the compatibility between education provided by Haaga-Helia and work opportunities available in Nairobi, Dubai, Singapore, Austin and Helsinki.  

Hologram visualizes data  

The visual concept of Dubai Expo is strict. TV screens and lights, among others, are forbidden and all the partners must present their products inside identical glass showcases.  

Haaga-Helia's department is located inside the National Pavilion of Finland. The showcases have been filled with holographic displays that visualize the results of the AI analysis. The displays contain technology made by Danish Realfiction and 3D modellers produced by a Finnish company Stereoscape

Selected Haaga-Helia students will be presenting the holographic displays and rest of the Finnish pavilion in Dubai. The students will be trained in 2021 and will act as guides and VIP hosts during the Dubai Expo.  

Result: Visitors of the Dubai Expo will see 3D animated, holographic visualization of compatibility between Haaga-Helia's curriculums and the international labour market.