World Winter Sports Expo 2019

In October 2019, the Box was in the World Winter Sports Expo in Beijing, which is one of the biggest events in the world focused on winter activities.

Lab8 The Box WWSE Beijing
Corporate collaboration

Challenge: To design intriguing visuals of wintery Finland to be projected around the expo area of Finland, including the whole Visit Finland stand together with the main stage and a VIP area.

The World Winter Sports Expo 2019, organized in Beijing over a long weekend, was one of the largest wintersports exhibitions in the world and one of the main events of Finland's and China's theme year of the wintersports 2019. The Box was creating projections to the wide expo area of Finnish exhibitors in collaboration with Business Finland and Visit Finland, that were promoting winter sports and Finland as a winter destination.

Result: Besides of the Visit Finland's expo area, the Box designed projections to the main stage and VIP area of Finland's section in co-operation with Wuhan based partner RIMS. The final execution combined videomapping with multiple projectors, led panels, lights and over 30 traditional TV screens.

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