Immersion, VR, AR, MR and XR in brief

Lab8 The Box

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Immersion means plunging into another reality or environment.


Immersion means plunging into another reality or environment. It is about living in another environment for a moment, involving details that create a realistic experience. It is different from cinema in that you are not watching a scene but immersed in it.


VR, virtual reality, means experiencing a simulated world by means of equipment, such as a VR headset.


AR, augmented reality, means adding something to the real environment. The real environment is enhanced using characters or elements. The best-known application is probably Pokémon GO, a game that combines animated characters and the real environment on a smartphone screen.


MR, mixed reality, is an umbrella term for the aforementioned. MR combines virtual and augmented reality.


Extended Reality (XR) refers to situations where reality and virtual elements blend and interact together coherently. The concept of XR is becoming more widespread as AR, VR and MR are merging together and being replaced by the umbrella term XR.


The Box serves as a virtual stage for experiences

For example, we can enable your customers to have dinner in Venice or visit the Santa Claus Office without any physical travel. The opportunities of virtual technology know no bounds!

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