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The journey from idea to finished product begins when we move from design to prototyping. In prototyping, a new product or service is tested by real customers as early as possible. Fast prototyping may involve building a hospital operating theatre out of cardboard or turning a user interface into a comic strip.

From idea to fast prototyping

As early as in the design phase, fast prototyping ensures that there is a genuine demand for a new service project and that the results will meet your customer’s needs. In prototyping, ideas are concretised into a form that you can test as early as possible with your real customers, on several experimentation rounds and with a quick schedule.


Prototyping does not need to be difficult or expensive

LAB8 Fast Prototyping offers a ready-made, fast prototyping process, facilitates the work, brings together test subjects and offers the facilities and materials.

Benefits of Fast Prototyping

  • Results with a quick schedule
    As the name suggests, fast prototyping means designing prototypes quickly. Instead of spending months or even years developing a new service, we can get there in mere days or weeks.

  • Collect useful customer data
    Do you think this might work for our customers? How could we ensure that our customers love our new service? How could this be further improved?  Fast prototyping involves development and testing with real customers.

  • Save in product development
    People often think that all testing is time-consuming and expensive. When the entire package is completed in days instead of months, customer orientation is guaranteed cost-efficiently!


Increasingly user-oriented design

“Service design is all about customer orientation and getting ideas together. Various tools help us collect information and crystallise our understanding during the different stages of the process, making it easier to communicate our discoveries.”
- Teemu Moilanen

principal lecturer
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