San Pellegrino Sensation Dinner

San Pellegrino Sensation Dinner project, 2016, San Pellegrino

In autumn 2016, a multisensory dinner was organised for invited guests under the name Sensation by San Pellegrino, combining food videos, other visuals and scented smokes into fireworks of food.

San Pellegrino –elämysillallisen kattaus
Corporate collaboration

Challenge: To turn a large, old warehouse in Telliskivi, Tallinn, into an attractive multisensory experiential space where hundreds of invited guests could enjoy dinner.

The Box was involved in organising the Sauce event for top restaurant professionals in Tallinn.

In September 2016, a dinner was held for invited guests under the name Sensation by San Pellegrino & The Box, combining graphical elements, food videos and scented smokes into multisensory food fireworks. The dinner was constructed by Professor Charles Spence from Oxford, who conducts research on food and multisensory food experiences. The 10-course dinner was prepared by young chefs from the San Pellegrino competition from around the world, and the music and soundscape design were done by DJ Oded Peled. The delicious 10-course menu gained new dimensions with the help of a multisensory experience.

Result: Images and videos projected onto long walls were seamlessly combined with the food offering. The meal experience was influenced by augmented reality: scents, smokes and sounds.

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