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PLAY is an open community and a springboard for people interested in the Business of Experiences (aka the Experience Economy). PLAY fosters and promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to the understanding of guest experiences, and the design and imagineering of extraordinary commercial experiences by combining scientific, artistic, business, and technological viewpoints.

The Business of Extraordinary Experiences

Extraordinary commercial experiences are those experiences above the memorable, which gain complete attention from the individual who experience them.

PLAY utilises the Serious Play methods for problem-solving, such as the world-famous LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and SAP Scenes. Play Often is about trying out new methods, particularly intended as a support tool for higher education.

What does PLAY offer?

  • Communal workshops and methods
    Would you like to boost your organisation’s work methods? The unique Play workshops enhance and support both the learning process and business development.

  • World-famous tools
    Play utilises several Serious Play methods for problem-solving, such as the world-famous LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and SAP Scenes.

  • Equality and interaction skills
    Play brings people together regardless of their background, position and language skills. By using Lego or role-playing games, we can approach even challenging topics and improve the dialogue.


Mário Passos
principal lecturer
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