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In order to be awarded a degree, students must successfully complete the courses in the curriculum and the maturity test.

Graduating on a predetermined graduation date or outside the predetermined graduation dates

If a student wishes to graduate on a predetermined graduation date, the student must apply for graduation with the e-form no later than two weeks before the graduation ceremony. At other times, students must apply for graduation, as a rule, three weeks before the intended graduation day, taking into account public holidays. The graduation date when graduating outside of the predetermined graduation dates is, as a rule, three weeks from applying for degree certificate.

During the course of study, students are entitled to receive a copy of their transcript upon request, including completed courses and grades.

Please check before applying for graduation, that:

  • you have passed all the required credits and thesis and they are registered in the student register. Please notice that it might take up to 24 hours for the credits to be registered so the credits must be in our register the day before you apply for graduation.
  • the name of your thesis is correct. In case the name needs to be changed, please contact your thesis advisor.
  • your own name is correct. In case there is a mistake or a name missing, please contact Study Services.
  • your contact information is correct. Please edit your contact information in Peppi if necessary.


With the form below you can apply for graduation flexibly (outside the predetermined graduation dates) and for graduation on a predetermined graduation date.

The form for application for graduation opens during spring term in January and during autumn term in August. Please note that it is not possible to graduate in July.

Note! The first possible graduation date during December is 7.12.2023. 

The graduation ceremony during autumn term will be held on Mon 18 December 2023. If you wish to graduate on the day of the graduation ceremony 18 December 2023, apply for graduation on Mon 4 December 2023 at 3 pm at the latest.

The last time to apply for graduation during autumn term is Fri 8 December 2023 at 3 pm at the latest. The last graduation date during autumn term is Fri 29 December 2023 (no graduation ceremony).

To the Graduand Feedback Questionnaire (AVOP) and Application for Degree Certificate >>

In case you have questions about the graduation process, please contact Study Services before applying for graduation.

Congratulations on your graduation!

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