ECTS system and Diploma Supplement

Kuvituskuva: tietokone ja vihko pöydällä

The Diploma Supplement, which has been designed jointly by the EU, the European Council, and UNESCO, provides more information about the studies student has completed, the level of the degree as well as how the degree prepares them for further studies and life after graduation. The Diploma Supplement is automatically issued together with the Diploma to all graduates of higher education institutions.

Studies at higher education institutions are measured in terms of credits, which indicate the scope of the studies. 60 credits represent 1,600 hours of studies, which is the equivalent of one academic year of studies. Thus, one credit represents roughly 27 hours of studies.

It simplifies the academic and professional recognition and mobility of individuals.

The European Commission has awarded Haaga-Helia the Diploma Supplement Label. The Diploma Supplement Label is a recognition that the Diploma Supplement Haaga-Helia gives its graduates is in accordance with the Diploma Supplement recommendations given by the European Commission, Council of Europe, and UNESCO.

For more information, see ECTS and the Diploma Supplement.