Circular Economy for Companies


Lead paragraph

Haaga-Helia's VersoHUB promotes the profitable transition of companies towards a circular economy and carbon-neutral business.

Growth through Circular Economy and Climate-Positive Business

The circular economy offers huge new business potential. Haaga-Helia's Circular Economy and Business Experts can help your company identify opportunities and develop new solutions.

Forms of cooperation

  1. Research, Development and Innovation; Projects
  2. Projects within the courses
  3. Innovation and Circular Economy Acceleration Workshops
  4. Business Skills Development and Training
  5. Theses, Work Placements and Recruitment
  6. Partnerships

Research, Development, and Innovation; Projects

The transition to a circular economy requires building new business ecosystems and networks. In the future, we will do business in new kinds of collaborative networks: circular economy ecosystems, built around a strong vision, that is built together with different partners.

Circular economy is developed in various projects, to which Haaga-Helia contributes its own expertise in areas such as:

  • Business Design and Development
  • Circular Economy Business Models
  • Data and AI exploitation in Digital Services
  • Service Design
  • Sales Development
  • Responsible Marketing
  • Skills Development
  • Change Management

Is your company considering where to get funding to develop circular economy business and networks? We help companies to create a common target space and cooperation network and coordinate project applications.

People responsible for project work are Minna-Maari Harmaala, Sami Nykter, Jarmo Sarkkinen and Annariikka Rosendahl.

Examples of circular economy projects:


Projects in courses

In Haaga-Helia's circular economy courses, learning takes place through real business and development challenges faced by companies. The challenges are from different industries, e.g. food production, forests, plastics, electronics, digital services, clothing, etc.

Examples of cooperation include:

Aito Support Oy, Orthex Group ja Kesko Oyj

Puustelli & TransDesign

Check out the circular economy courses on offer. If you are interested, please contact Satu Harkki.

Innovation and Circular Economy Acceleration Workshops

"What kind of story does your company want to tell future generations"

Haaga-Helia's circular economy and facilitation professionals will help your business more towards a circular, carbon neutral and responsible future.

  • Business Innovation Ecosystems and Future Innovation
  • Exploiting Data and AI and Digital Services
  • Developing Business Models for Circular Economy
  • Service Design and Customer Insight
  • Transformation and Reorientation of Strategy
  • From Carbon Footprint to Carbon Handprint

Business Skills Development and Training

Do you recognize a lack of skills in your company that is slowing down the transition to a circular economy and carbon neutral business?

  • The Open University of Applied Sciences offers a a flexible way to supplement your skills.
  • We can tailor training to the needs of your business and its staff. Contact Klaus Lüthjohann +358294471010.

    Theses, Work Placements, and Recruitment

    Both Masters and Bachelors students write a thesis at the end of their studies, which is typically either a research, survey/study or development project. Haaga-Helia's teachers will supervise the student's thesis in cooperation with the company, according to the agreed objective. See. opinnäytetyö.

    Degrees also include Work Placements and you can recruit our students. More information: Recruitment


    Through partnership you can deepen your visibility at our University of Applied Sciences, and as a supporter of the circular economy. See: Partner Collaboration