Circular Economy and Sustainability Studies

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On this page you will find the circular economy and sustainability courses that you can study as a Degree Student at Haaga-Helia UAS or at Open University.

You can either take individual courses or put together a package of 15-30 credits.

Solve the climate and environmental challenges of the future and develop your skills!

The courses will look at company operations and business opportunities from the perspective of the circular economy and solving climate challenges. The circular economy is one of the most important ways to preserve biodiversity and have positive climate impacts to control climate change.

There is a growing need in businesses for experts who understand the circular economy and can help companies with climate and circular economy challenges. Circular economy is a skill that will be needed in every job in the future, including:

  • Circular economy and sustainability experts
    • Have a broad knowledge of the circular economy
    • Drive change and help other experts to solve challenges
  • Service, product and business developers, entrepreneurs, vendors, and marketers
  • Logistics and supply chain planners, financial experts, project managers
  • Digital service developers and data analysts

Circular Economy Studies

Courses in Finnish

Courses in English

Degree Students can find in lukkarikone when the courses will take place. You can also ask your Guidance Counsellor where these courses can be placed in your degree/HOPS.

  • Degree students can see here, how the courses fit into the curricula of Business, FINA, Sales, and GLOBBA (substitute courses).

Most of the courses are also offered by Open University. See: Kiertotalous ja vastuullisuus, Avoin AMK. Some of the courses are also available on for students from other Universities of Applied Sciences.

Studies of Responsible Business

Studies of responsible business cover the different aspects of corporate responsibility.

The different aspects of responsible business are:

  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Economical responsibility
Courses of Responsible Business