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Haaga-Helia offers a wide range of high-quality language and cultural studies in degree education as well as in continuous learning and other training activities.

Our language and culture studies provide you with skills to develop your international competences and strengthen your global profile for future career. The themes of our language studies support the requirements of modern business life. We work very closely with companies and organizations as well as our extensive international partner university network.  

Through Haaga-Helia's own offerings, you can study Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Finnish as a second language (S2), and Russian from the beginner’s level. In global languages, all courses are numbered 1–4 so you can easily find your own level. As a Haaga-Helia student, you can also study e.g. Korean and Estonian language through our partner networks.

We offer Swedish and English mostly in higher-level studies, from level B1 onwards. After the Haaga-Helia key competencies (Professional English and Svenska för arbetslivet) you have the opportunity to deepen your skills through more advanced courses.

8 reasons to study languages ​​at Haaga-Helia:

  1. Language skills broaden your global perspective and help you to understand different ways of thinking.
  2. With solid language proficiency, your working environment can be truly international.
  3. As a multilingual expert, you are also a reliable partner outside your own country.
  4. Language skills open the door to the most important conversations that will break the ice and build relationships and trust.
  5. With good language skills, you are always a few steps ahead in job seeking. Your skills will be highly appreciated.
  6. Multilingual people are better e.g. in tasks that require problem-solving skills.
  7. Learning languages ​​will cherish and strengthen your brain.
  8. No one has ever regretted their strong language and cultural skills. Instead, almost everyone regrets the lack of these skills at some point in their lives.

Haaga-Helia language offering

Do you want to update your language skills while working?

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Haaga-Helia also offers its students language studies through its network collaborations. Through the links below, you can familiarize yourself with both the language offerings of the national KiVANET network and the opportunities available through the international Ulysseus University for language studies.