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Complete Aviation Business higher education studies in our online courses! You can study regardless of your previous educational background or work experience.

Welcome to study Aviation Business Open Path Studies!

Haaga-Helia Open University of Applied Sciences (UAS) studies are suitable for you, if  

  • you are already in the aviation industry and want to develop your professional competenceand/or 
  • your aim is to apply to become a degree student in the Aviation Business Degree Programme and to complete a BBA degree.

Aviation Business Open Path Studies

Virtual studies during the academic year 2023–2024

The studies follow the Haaga-Helia Aviation Business Degree Programme curriculum.  All the courses are virtual and asynchronous that can be completed at students own space without any online lectures and schedules. Key competence areas of expertise are focused on the basics of financial management, responsible leadership, customer journey, sales and business development and competence development. If you already have gained skills matching the course goals, for example through work experience, you can apply for recognition of prior learning via demonstrations and continue to more advanced courses to speed up your study progress. 

When studying at a university of applied sciences you will need to acquire theoretical knowledge extensively and write a lot. It is a prerequisite that you have excellent study and time management skills, and that you have good oral and written English proficiency, see the prerequisites.The language of the Bachelor's programme is English. All students must have their own laptop for studies. Haaga-Helia students can also download some software on their own computer. See also device recommendations for students.

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The enrollment period starts 1.6.2023. The intake is 60 students. The places are filled on first-come-first-served basis.

Enrollment starts on June 1, 2023


Becoming a degree student

In order to become a degree student after the first year of study, you must have achieved at least 55 credit units by the time the Open Path application closes, and have shown good study motivation and success in your studies, minimum weighted GPA of 3,0. Students meeting the above-mentioned criteria during the academic year 2023–2024 are eligible to apply in the spring 2024 Open Path application to become degree students in the Aviation Business Degree Programme without having to participate in the Joint Application’s entrance examination.

This Aviation Business Bachelor's degree provides you with the skills, knowledge and competences to work in various positions in aviation business administration.

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