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Opiskele Aviation Business -korkeakouluopintoja verkkokursseillamme!

Huom! Ilmoittautuminen lukuvuoden 2022-2023 opintoihin on päättynyt.

Haaga-Helian avoimen ammattikorkeakoulun Aviation Business -opinnot sopivat sinulle, jos

  • sinulla on työkokemusta ilmailuliikenteen parissa ja haluat kehittää ammatillista osaamistasi
  • tavoitteesi on hakea avoimen AMK:n opintojen perusteella tutkinto-opiskelijaksi Aviation Business koulutusohjelmaan ja suorittaa englanninkielinen tradenomin AMK-tutkinto.
  • pystyt suoriutumaan opinnoista englannin kielellä.


Aviation Business studies (60 credits)

Virtual and online implementations during the academic year 2022-2023

The studies follow the Haaga-Helia Aviation Business Degree Programme curriculum, in which learning tasks in the field of aviation are implemented with inquiry learning, often with case studies or projects commissioned by external partners. Key areas of expertise focused on are the basics of financial management, responsible leadership, customer journey, sales and business development and competence development. If you already have gained skills matching the course goals, for example through work experience, you can apply for recognition of prior learning and continue to more advanced courses to speed up your study progress. 

When studying at a university of applied sciences you will need to acquire theoretical knowledge extensively and write a lot. It is a prerequisite that you have excellent study and time management skills, and that you have good oral and written English proficiency, see the prerequisites. Please note that some of the open UAS studies might be provided in Finnish, but the language of the Bachelor's programme is English.

During the academic year 2022-23, the studies will include following studies:

  • Aviation Business Environment
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Operations
  • Managing Aviation Business operations
  • Basics of Financial Management
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer Competences

An individual study plan will be done for each student according to their previous studies or work experience. That also defines the number of courses that the prospective student is required to do. The open university studies will be transferred to the degree student's status after receiving it.

Blended studies

Blended studies include normally two online contact teaching days per month. Presence is required in these online sessions. The exact dates and times for the contact lessons for the academic year 2022-2023 will be announced during spring 2022. In blended learning, apart from the contact lessons, distance learning comprises various extensive learning assignments aimed at improving students’ expertise. These learning assignments are completed both individually and in groups, and a variety of e-tools are used. Success in the studies calls for good motivation and a considerable amount of time effort. 

Recognition of prior learning

You can utilise recognition of prior learning for proceeding in your studies. It is possible to replace the degree programme’s courses with previous higher education studies if they are compatible with the curriculum and are accomplished within the past 10 years. 

In this study group we recognise prior learning (work experience) by demonstrations which are especially designed for this group.Demonstrations will efficiently advance your studies. 

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The first enrollment period is now closed and the students will receive acceptance letter soon. The second enrollment period is now open until the places are filled but closes latest May 18 at 12.00.  The total intake is 50 students. The places are filled on first-come-first-served basis.
Note, that the compulsory orientation takes place May 24, 2022 at 15.30-16.30.

The enrolment form asks you to attach work certificates and language certificates. If you don´t have them available yet, you can enrol and send them to Reija Ahmaoja as soon as you get them. For the language certificate you can choose option Other and add a relevant proof of you language skills (e.g. ICAO)

Enrollment 11.4.-18.5.2022  (link) 


Those who have been admitted will be notified 12.5.2022 at the latest. A student admitted to the Open UAS group makes the final study right confirmation by paying the Open UAS tuition fee by the due date before the beginning of the term. The programme will start if a minimum of 30 students have enrolled.

Becoming a degree student

In order to become a degree student after the first year of study, you must have achieved at least 55 credit units by the time the Open Path application closes, and have shown good study motivation and success in your studies, minimum weighted GPA of 3,0. Students meeting the above-mentioned criteria during the academic year 2022-2023 are eligible to apply in the spring 2023 Open Path application to become degree students in the Aviation Business Degree Programme without having to participate in the Joint Application’s entrance examination.

This Aviation Business Bachelor's degree provides you with the skills, knowledge and competences to work in various positions in aviation business administration.

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