Studying in HH Labs

Opiskelu HH-labeissa

HH Labs are innovative and flexible service centers for learning, research and development. In Haaga-Helia, studying in labs offers students a new kind of platform that combines learning, research and development.

In HH Labs, the latest methods and technologies are tested and used. Studying in the HH Labs is functional - in the labs you don't just watch and listen to lectures and demos from the side, but as a student you get to do, experience and experiment yourself. The courses include real company assignments and projects.

The labs belong to Haaga-Helia's seven different theme areas, which are:

  • Designing services and experiences
  • Novel learning solutions
  • Boosting marketing and sales
  • Developing digital solutions
  • Strategic competitive factor in sustainability
  • Enhancing entrepreneurship
  • Well-being from exercise

There are sixteen (16) HH Labs:

Most of the labs are located on the Pasila campus, but some are also located in Haaga and Vierumäki. You can find more information on the HH labs website.