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Lead paragraph

DigiCave is a bold and open-minded digital service innovator for businesses and communities.

DigiCave offers a wide range of projects to meet the needs of different sectors, from innovation to concept design, prototyping, usability studies and large-scale development projects for companies' digital services. The projects are carried out as student projects commissioned by companies.

Service development is iterative development work starting from innovation, with an emphasis on fast-paced, cross-disciplinary team project work and active interaction between the client and users.

Contact us when you need, for example:

  • new innovations
  • usability study
  • concept plan
  • prototype
  • help in implementing your plans
  • testing and deployment

DigiCave's activities focus on:

  • Multidisciplinarity: Digital services are always made for an industry, which is rarely the IT industry, and therefore we are ready to understand the technical language and business processes of different industries.
  • Innovation: Digital services are conceptualised with an open mind and we refine ideas in cooperation with the client and users.
  • Agility: Our operations are iterative, agile and interactive.
  • Courage: We create new and renew the old, approaching the assignment with neutral perspectives without bias.
  • Professionalism: Using appropriate tools and methods and working in a professional manner to achieve the agreed objective and deliver the output.

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