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Bachelor of Hospitality Management graduates from Haaga-Helia degree programmes have a people-oriented service attitude, are multi-talented in the experience economy and are future-oriented players both in Finland and world-wide.

During the length of their education, the students are able to combine theory and practice into solutions suitable for different business situations. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge in at least one area of ​​specialization. Upon graduation in the Bachelor of Hospitality Management programme he/she has experienced the hospitality and tourism business through diverse learning projects and internships in multicultural groups in Finland or abroad.

During the studies, the students develop customer service skills in both local and international environments and take responsibility for the customer’s overall service experience. Students also develop the emotional skills needed in working life, in demanding customer service and team working situations. The student is able to build networks and relationships and actively promotes the well-being of customers and the work community as a whole.


Haaga: Sustainable Event Management

Welcome to the learning path Sustainable Event Management! In this learning path you will learn how to produce sustainable and memorable events in a financially profitable way.  The event business will become familiar to you through real-life event productions and co-operation with event companies. You will gain an insight in various professions like event manager, professional congress organiser, event producer, account manager, project manager and creative director.  The learning path will open doors to the versatile event industry and after graduation you can work for in event agencies, congress centers, conference hotels, festivals and sports events, or as a freelancer as entrepreneur, just to name a few. During the courses with practical event productions you will develop the skills and competences needed to succeed in the event business and form important networks. 

Learning path courses (30 cr): 

Developing sustainable services and events
Profitable event business
Sustainable Tourism and Event Business
Experience Design processes and methods
Managing Event Projects and Ecosystems
Sustainable Events as pull factors for destinations 

Porvoo: Sustainable Tourism Management

In the Sustainable Tourism Management study path you will learn how to create sustainable experiences and offer smooth customer experience both in person and online. You will become aware and able to address the economic, environmental and social impacts of tourism. You will learn the methods and tools to create immersive experiences in different channels and multiple platforms, and analyze the success of them. You will also learn to network with different stakeholders and communicate about the sustainable tourism experiences in a responsible and visual way to a global audience. You will be able to discover and analyze trends and technologies that will influence the tourism industry in the future. You will learn how to make your business thrive on a long-term basis while taking care of people, planet and profit. ​

Learning path courses (30cr):

Sustainable Tourism and Event Business​
Experience Design processes and tools​
Developing Sustainable Services and Events(project)​
Revenue management in tourism and travel business​
Managing Projects and Ecosystems (theory and tools)​
Trends and Future Innovations in Tourism business

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

Degree Programme in Hospitality and Tourism Experience Management, Haaga Campus
Bachelor's Studies | 210 ECTS
Degree Programme in Sustainable Tourism and Event Management, Porvoo Campus
Bachelor's Studies | 210 ECTS

Master’s Degree Programmes

Degree Programme in Sustainable Aviation Business, Master of Business Administration
Master's Degree | 90 ECTS | Online Studies

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Student testimonial
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