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Lead paragraph

Bachelor of Hospitality Management graduates from Haaga-Helia degree programmes have a people-oriented service attitude, are multi-talented in the experience economy and are future-oriented players both in Finland and world-wide.

During the length of their education, the students are able to combine theory and practice into solutions suitable for different business situations. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge in at least one area of ​​specialization. Upon graduation in the Bachelor of Hospitality Management programme he/she has experienced the hospitality and tourism business through diverse learning projects and internships in multicultural groups in Finland or abroad.

During the studies, the students develop customer service skills in both local and international environments and take responsibility for the customer’s overall service experience. Students also develop the emotional skills needed in working life, in demanding customer service and team working situations. The student is able to build networks and relationships and actively promotes the well-being of customers and the work community as a whole.

Student experiences

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