Entrepreneurial Business Management, Master's Specialisation

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The focus of Entrepreneurial Business Management is on the innovation, analysis and development of new business opportunities.

NB! From 2024 onwards the specialisation of Entrepreneurial Business Management will no longer be available. It is possible to study entrepreneurship in StartUp School and the studies can be included to free-choice studies.

This specialisation is perfect for a student who wants to use an entrepreneurial approach to develop their organisation or who is considering founding their own business in the future or who already is an entrepreneur and wants to experiment with their company’s potential for growth.

Entrepreneurial Business Management teaches entrepreneurial attitude, processes and methods of innovation and design thinking, networking and reflection skills, application of business development tools, and commercialisation.

For example, students can study the following themes in the specialisation:

  • identifying and utilising opportunities
  • key success and failure factors for start-ups
  • start-up ecosystems and how to utilise the
  • how to grow a start-up

Entrepreneurial Business Management graduates typically work in business development or are entrepreneurs. Upon graduation, an Entrepreneurial Business Management student knows how to write a business plan and build a network to support their business. The student also knows how to utilise innovation methods, identify value-producing business opportunities, and turn an idea into a solution and introduce it to the market successfully.

More Information about the Specialisation and Master's Studies

Read more about the specialisation's courses and the practicalities of Master's Studies.

Person Responsible for the Specialisation

The Master’s specialisations are lead by professionals with a PhD. Their responsibilities include specialisation courses, thesis topics and promotion of networking within the specialisation.

Master's Specialisation

Specialisation is at the heart of Master's degree studies. Master's degree studies consist mostly of specialisation studies and a thesis is based on the specialisation studies. A student’s specialisation also builds the home base for their professional development and networking.

Students choose their specialisation out of the available options at the start of their programme.

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