Students' wellbeing services


Lead paragraph

The wellbeing of our students is our top priority at Haaga-Helia. For your support we offer Student's wellbeing services: Study psychologist, Study coach, Univercity chaplin and Special needs teacher.

Wellbeing services

Haaga-Helia offers preventive services to support students in advancing in their studies, students' wellbeing, and mental health. The services are targeted at students who have challenges that directly affect studies, such as problems with motivation, study skills, stress or time management.

  • Do you need help with your wellbeing? Do you have study-related challenges? Haaga-Helia's Study psychologists are there to discuss your situation. 
  • Are you stugling with your studies, motivation or having difficult finding strength to study? Study coaches are here to help you.
  • Do you have challenges related to learning? Do you need support with dyslexia? You can contact our Special needs teachers and guidance counsellors.
  • Would you like to talk in private about any issue in life? The University chaplain is there for you.

If you have you problems with your mental health, you feel that you have lost functional capacity or you have faced a crisis, please contact healthcare services such as FSHS or crisis services.

Break Exercise application: Break Pro

The break exercise app BreakPro activates you to take short breaks while studying and doing so increases your physical and mental wellbeing

Break exercise videos shot in beautiful Finnish locations guide the users through refreshing exercises and prevent the adverse effects of sitting still for extended periods. In addition to exercise videos, the app also includes mindfulness exercises that help you be present in the moment. According to studies, mindfulness has many positive effects on health, such as strengthening learning and memory.

Use of the application is free for Haaga-Helia students and staff.

Sports and free time

Sports give you energy and boost your wellbeing. There are plenty of sports courses and facilities in different campuses. As a member of Haaga-Helia's Student Union Helga, you will get access to Zone Sports facilities located around the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The Student Union Helga also organises free time activities and events for students where you get to meet new people and discover the Finnish student life.

In addition, international student organisations such as IDS Helga and ESN Helga provide events and advocacy for internationally-minded students.