The Haaga-Helia Equality and Non-Discrimination Plan is here

The Haaga-Helia Equality and Non-Discrimination Plan was updated for the period 2024–2026. We continue to invest in a diversity-friendly university culture.

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From the student's perspective, the update of the plan is reflected in new objectives and measures. Here are a few extracts:

  • We promote equality and equity for students. As part of this goal, we will develop the entrance and student surveys, learning support services and accessibility of services. We are also developing orientation and AVOTEL (Keys to studies and working life) courses based on feedback and changes in the environment.
  • We will strengthen equality and equity in higher education by fostering community spirit and academic engagement through the provision of properly resourced, targeted and high quality learning support services for all students. In this context, we will identify the support needs of international students, including through the development of surveys, and make services more accessible.
  • We will avoid gender segregation and gender-specific terms in the everyday life and communication of the institution and develop questionnaires and forms towards this goal.
  • We will invest in a diversity-friendly university culture and take gender diversity into account. As a measure, we will raise awareness of diversity among staff and students through training, campaigns and community outreach.

 Haaga-Helia Equality and Non-Discrimination Plan 2024–2026

What we achieved in 2023

The Haaga-Helia Student Wellbeing Working Group has been reorganised and refocused on coordinating and developing equality and non-discrimination work. In 2021–2023, several events and trainings on equality and equity topics have been organised for students.

In the autumn of 2023, the Safer Space, a safer space model and notification channel for Haaga-Helia, was launched for both students and staff. Zero tolerance for harassment is also one of the objectives of the new plan, and as a derived measure we will roll out the Safer Space approach to all Haaga-Helia campuses and develop mediation activities in the student interface 2024–2026.

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