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Gain all the essential knowledge needed to integrate social selling practices into your sales process!

The sales landscape has changed dramatically during the last 10 years. Modern buyers are now empowered and more independent in their buying process. Modern sales professionals have to learn how to engage and influence buyers in modern sales channels such as social media. In this course, we will go through all the essential elements for understanding and implementing social selling in practice. You will learn how to use social channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter in the sales context.

This course covers all the essential skills and techniques in order to use social media in your sales efforts as well as teach you why and how to use essential social channels professionally. During this course, you will learn how to prospect and approach new customers as well as how to leverage content and social channels effectively for maintaining and developing existing customer relationships. This course provides you with all the necessary skills needed to integrate social selling practices into your sales process. The course consists of 19 videos of short online lectures and practical hands-on screenshare videos.

Course objectives

The course aims to offer course participants an understanding of the following:

  • What social selling means in practice
  • The five different elements of social selling
  • How and why credible social media profiles help you to stand out as a sales professional – How to use LinkedIn and Twitter to target and approach new customers
  • How to use LinkedIn and Twitter to maintain and grow existing accounts
  • The benefits of leveraging content on social media
  • How to create a routine for social selling activities

In this course you will learn:

  • How to create and optimize a credible and professional profile on LinkedIn
  • How to use Twitter for prospecting and account management
  • How to use LinkedIn for prospecting and lead generation
  • How to approach new customers via social channels
  • How to find time & create a routine for social selling

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Course instructor

Sani Leino, Digital Marketing Expert, Messenger for Social Business practices, Emotional Intelligence and Effective Sales

Course information

Course material: 19 videos and 1 final quiz. The estimated total study time is 54 hours and the language of instruction is English.

Targeted to: Service business entrepreneurs, experts, and consultants in the field, as well as to people in managerial positions in HoReCa and service business as well as all professionals interested in developing their skills and techniques in social media, as well as for people wanting to use social media in their sales process effectively.

Course prize: 350 €

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