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At Play Often meetings, we try out Serious Play methods to develop creative thinking and skills. The meetings are specially designed for higher education, and may offer important tools for both teachers and students.

How could you make use of drama tools or gamification as a teacher or designer? 

Developing education is our task. We organise Play Often workshops for Haaga-Helia staff, helping them learn new creative methods and offering tools to support teaching in particular. We offer workshops led by specialists to utilise, for example, improvisational theatre, dance and video work in teaching. Play Often meetings also serve as an opportunity to try out and test new ideas and creative methods.

Even if you are not a Haaga-Helia staff member, please do not hesitate to contact us! We can also organise workshops tailored to your needs.

Mário Passos
Principal Lecturer
+358 40 4887 203
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