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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a problem-solving and communication method that can be used in meetings and workshops. At a guided meeting, participants use Legos to build 3D models that serve as a basis for discussion and decision-making.

For whom and which situations?

Suits many purposes for individuals, teams and organisations. In particular, situations where you aim to solve a complex or challenging question. Lego can be used to create strategies and design services.

Lego provides a common language regardless of the age, professional background or position of the participants, giving everyone an equal chance to participate. The focus is on the blocks, not the people.


PLAY - Lego Serious workshops

  • Build ideas, values and functions
  • Duration 4 hours, max. 12 participants
  • Build teams, innovations and visions
    Duration 1 day (7 hours), max. 12 participants
  • Real-time strategies and scenarios
    Duration 2–3 days (14–21 hours), max. 12 participants
  • Confidence in creative work
    Duration 1–2 hours, unlimited number of participants

PLAY – Courses for higher education

  • Managing the invisible with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
    A master’s-level course (5 credits)
Mário Passos
Principal Lecturer
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