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Lead paragraph

We do our best-and are most satisfied- when we are imaginatively involved with our work. Play on the job sounds like an oxymoron, but when we play, we are developing our body-mind connection and integration. Play helps us grow up creative.

The PLAY team uses serious play, an array of playful methods and tools, to engage in imagineering extraordinary experiences as memorable, meaningful, and transformational.

Creativity and cooperation

Extraordinary experiences through play, creativity and storytelling. We can solve complex problems in organisations, improve teamwork and inspire new solutions.

PLAY utilises the Serious Play methods for problem-solving, such as the world-famous LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and SAP Scenes. Play Often is about trying out new methods, particularly intended as a support tool for higher education.

What does Play offer?

  • Communal workshops and methods
    Would you like to boost your organisation’s work methods? The unique Play workshops enhance and support both the learning process and business development.

  • World-famous tools
    Play utilises several Serious Play methods for problem-solving, such as the world-famous LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and SAP Scenes.

  • Equality and interaction skills
    Play brings people together regardless of their background, position and language skills. By using Lego or role-playing games, we can approach even challenging topics and improve the dialogue.

Discover more by playing

"You can discover more about a person, a team and a company in a three-four hours of play than in a year of meetings.” - Mário Passos A.

Mário Passos
Principal Lecturer
+358 40 4887 203

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