LAB8’s newest trend report looks at the latest trends in the event industry

Experts from Haaga-Helia's Service Experience Laboratory LAB8 have compiled a trend report from the data collected by TrendHunter, one of the world's leading trend agencies, presenting six current trends in the event industry.

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The Events in the New Normal trend report looks at the latest trends in the event industry as consumers and businesses are getting used to the new normal. The focus is on six latest trends in the event industry, the topicality of which in Finland is assessed by the Hospitality Research panel.

Restrictions have changed both the production of and participation in events. Companies need to be creative when designing alternative implementations, such as hybrid and virtual events. The situation has also affected consumer behavior. Customers are used to participating in events more flexibly, even at the comfort of their own couch. But in addition to flexibility and convenience, consumers also want new, more inclusive innovations.

The trends are illustrated by numerous examples ranging from Tinder’s Vibes events to digital fashion and virtual escape games.

Take a closer look at the new winds in the events industry in the Events in the New Normal trend report. You can download it here. In the future, you can check new activity and find future reports here


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