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The future is full of changing factors and new opportunities. In order to understand the future of consumers and innovations, predicting changes is essential. LAB8’s Trends spots rising trends and answers your questions about the most recent phenomena in your field.

Identify future trends and scenarios

LAB8’s trend report provides an overview of the hottest topics in the service industry, taking a peek at rising and hidden trends. Our customised workshops delve into trends and future scenarios important for your company.


Four times a year. Or customised, any time you like.

Read LAB8’s reports and join the mailing list, so you will be the first to know. As a corporate customer, you can get reports on your sector with the agreed schedule and scope.

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LAB8 Trends for joy and benefit

  • Companies
    Customised trend workshops and reports to support your work
    Our network of specialists can quickly and flexibly tailor services that best support your business. Identify trends at the workshop or present them to the management team.

  • Higher education teachers
    High-quality Trends reports as part of the teaching
    Published four times a year, LAB8 Trends reports deal with the latest phenomena in the hospitality industry and are freely at your disposal.

  • Students
    Learn to identify trends and signals
    LAB8 Trends reports can benefit your hospitality studies. The concise reports are excellent reference material and may even inspire your thesis!


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Trend reports for teaching

“It felt good when a colleague at a university of applied sciences told me that they use our trend reports in their teaching. The reports helped challenge the students’ thinking. There is life outside your own bubble.”

- Eeva Puhakainen

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