Sustainable marketing - the case of Northern Cyprus

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ABSTRACT | Although tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, its development has often been in conflict with the need to maintain the beauty and authenticity of a region. Ideally, tourism can have a positive impact on the development of social, economic and environmental aspects of any country. However if not planned properly, it can have a destructive impact on the environment, and fail to contribute to economic growth. This paper discusses the challenges faced by the developing tourist region of North Cyprus that is relying on tourism for economic growth, but also needs to maintain environmental and social values. Although this ideal can be accepted at a theoretical level, it is very difficult to achieve in practice. In North Cyprus the tourism industry plays a key role in the economy for both revenue and employment. However, international economic sanctions have been imposed on the region since the intervention of Turkey in 1974 and these have had a restrictive impact on tourism. There also appears to be considerable difficulty in achieving a balance between social, economic and environmental perspectives in the regional tourism activities.

Keywords: management; Northern Cyprus; sustainable marketing; tourism

Gilmore, A., Carson, D., Fawcett, L., & Ascenção, M. (2007). Sustainable marketing - The case of Northern Cyprus. The Marketing Review, 7(2), 113-124. DOI: 10.1362/146934707X198830

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