Thesis, Bachelor's degree

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Lead paragraph

Thesis is an independent study project that forms part of your studies and is a proof of your skills.

The aim of the thesis is to develop your ability to apply the skills, knowledge and critical thinking acquired in education and training in practice.

The thesis is usually written in the context of the specialisation studies. The scope of the thesis is 15 credits or 400 hours, and the duration is typically 1 to 2 periods. During the assessment phase of the thesis, you will take a maturity test. The thesis is assessed on a scale of 1 to 5. Once approved, the thesis is published in Theseus.

The type of thesis can be product-based, research-based, portfolio or diary-based.

The thesis often is commissioned by an external party, which can be a company, public corporation, association, university of applied sciences or other educational institution.

Degrees offer pre-thesis courses, so check the structure and offerings of your degree. To start the thesis process, register to Wihi.

You can find more information in points 1 to 7 below. Please read them carefully before you start your thesis.

Thesis process

Degree-specific guidelines