Device recommendations for students

Kuvituskuva: tietokone ja vihko pöydällä

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All students must have their own laptop for studies. It is recommended to have a laptop that is not more than two years old.

If you intend to acquire a new device, it is recommended to include:

  • a proper keyboard and display
  • at least 4GB of memory (8 GB for Business Information Technology students)
  • a good battery
  • a headset and web camera for remote learning

It is recommended to use Windows 10 or 11 as an operating system because Haaga-Helia's systems are built and tested mostly based on Windows. Therefore, we are able to provide only limited IT support for other systems. A computer science student should have administrator rights to the device so that they can install the softwares that may be necessary for studies

Haaga-Helia's ICT services are delivered to the students' own devices mainly through our virtual desktop environment (VDI). IT Services does not install software on students' laptops. VDI can also be used off campuses. This requires installing Citrix Receiver software on your device. 

Haaga-Helia’s IT Services' Helpdesk aims to help students with IT related questions to the extent possible. You will find several IT instructions from the IT service portal (requires login). You can also leave a service request to the Helpdesk at the portal.

Questions? Contact
IT Services and HelpDesk
+358 800 97750